Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tiger Woods: the man, not the image

The revelation that pro golfer Tiger Woods had extramarital affairs strikes this publication as not only unfortunate, but tragic. There is no doubt the famed athlete brought this scandal upon himself, but it is perturbing none-the-less. Among the facts known still swirl countless speculations and allegations, some of which will never be proven yet still assumed true or accurate given the totality of the circumstances.

We can now count Tiger among a long list of celebrities who have “fallen short” or “regret” contravention of their marital vows and societal mores. Among this publication, the feeling is mutual, a man whom so many looked-up to and garnered genuine respect, a man that has done more for his sport and arrived to be the most recognizable athletic ambassador the world over is now sadly a sinful individual.

We don’t wish Mr. Woods ill, but his wife, Elin Nordegren is well within her right to leave the marriage, though as of this writing, she and Tiger are (or have) renegotiated their prenuptial agreement – a sad fact indeed, reflecting on our society choosing to place a monetary value on the institution of marriage. Among his other concerns are now fleeing sponsors, which have contributed much to his station and to his image, an image that will forever carry a blemish no amount of money or obscurity can remove. Now in full doubt will be the golfer’s ability to retain his sponsors, but it will take a sincere effort and a suave public relations motif.

One wonders why a person whom is so gifted, adored, famous, and wealthy could risk his reputation for sex. And that is precisely what has been bargained. With time, there will be healing and a forgiving public but for his family the betrayal will always be in the public’s mind and we as the public will probably forgive but not forget. For it was in his inspiring story, his pristine image that we trusted and now we must face the fact yet again that our heroes are all too human and falter like any other.

-- The Editors, Killswitch Politick

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