Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Is Kim Kardashian an animal abuser?
PETA doesn’t like Ms. Kardashian’s photo-op, we don’t like the pop culture

Socialite Kim Kardashian got PETA and other animal rights groups’ collective attention when she posted a picture of herself holding a kitten by its scruff. On her Twitter page, the reality television star sent out the tweet, “Pic from my shoot yesterday...good kitty cat!"

For those new to this section of KP, this is our contribution to American pop culture and the ridiculous nature that has overcome it. No more are celebrities those with genuine talent, an ability to invoke laughter, to entertain with song-and-dance; they are now given notoriety for reasons altogether different.

Kim Kardashian is indeed a very beautiful young woman, but her fame was gotten through her father, a member of the OJ Simpson defense “Dream Team”. The defense attorney passed away some time ago, but through his public performance, Kim and her sisters have become celebrities.

Celebrities without the grueling comeuppance the Rat Pack had to endure. PETA’s outrage at Ms. Kardashian’s photo only lends her more undeserved publicity. But in an age where reality programming exists, one can only expect more of the same insanity.  

-- Killswitch Politick

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Oprah’s tamed Kitty
Kitty Kelley is well known for writing tell-alls about well knowns

Author Kitty Kelley has written a tell-all book about the most recognized media figure in America, Oprah Winfrey. The unauthorized biography, Oprah: A biography by all accounts only lends to what most of the talk-show diva’s fans and Hollywood knows, from here humble beginnings, to a teenage pregnancy, peppered with allegations about considering prostitution at a young age and speculation about her sexual orientation.

Miss Winfrey has proven to anyone that will look objectively that she has an enormous marketing talent and sound business sense. And like some before her in showbiz (like Seinfeld); she’s made the announcement her day time talk show is coming to an end. Indeed, her ratings have been sliding in the latest Neilson ratings book but she remains a media force.

And that’s probably why Kelley hasn’t gotten much face time to promote her work. Many of the morning talk shows have said thanks-but-no-thanks to interviews. Host Bill O’Reilly did interview the author last week. Mr. O’Reilly, no fan of paparazzi or salacious publications gave her a stark reality interview and Miss Kelley defended her work.

But like most tell-alls, it relies heavily on information provided by those only too eager to give it. One must wonder why the public would want to know such alleged intimate details about a public figure that doesn’t hold elected office.

-- Killswitch Politick

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tiger Woods: Forgive me, now buy my products
The golfer proves he has put himself before the public

Forgive us for again writing about Tiger Woods, but the latest news is a chance to say, we told you so! Last week, this publication asked a question about to which end the golfer is asking for the public’s forgiveness, “To rebuild a brand for the financial gain of one individual at the expense of the public trust?”

With the release of the new Nike ad, we apparently now have the answer to the question—yes.

Mr. Woods has a phenomenal talent and work ethic. The public was sold this image over and over again, by Mr. Woods himself, the PGA, and his sponsors. But since the truth of the real man has come to light, we know the reputation/his brand, to be a complete lie.

While it certainly does not mean he has no talent, it does mean that he has the will to perpetrate an image fabrication for the express purpose of professional and financial gain. In the wake of one of the hugest scandals in sports history, the golfer is asking for the public’s forgiveness so that he may return to his family and to the sport in a commercial designed to guilt consumers into granting their forgiveness and then go buy the products he endorses.

Before granting Mr. Woods forgiveness, fans should ask themselves would they give TV evangelist Jim Bakker the same chance?

-- Killswitch Politick

Monday, April 5, 2010

A tale of two Tigers
The adulteress golfer and his comeback

The week of April 5th will certainly be an exciting one for the world of golf. The PGA’s Progidal Son, Tiger Woods will return to compete at The Masters in Augusta. Ratings will surely burst at Nielsen’s seems with curious viewers wishing to see a car-wreck in slow motion. Will Tiger perform well? Will he suffer heckles that break his famed concentration? Will his return be overshadowed by some new bombshell?

Only time will tell.

But what is most interesting is the phenomenon of building up a celebrity, then gleefully tearing their brand apart with sordid details, innuendo, and voyeurism. Mr. Woods was presented to the public by way of his marvelous talent and by extension, so too must be his personal life (and we all know what an assumptution makes of you and me).

But over the 2009 Thanksgiving weekend, that fa├žade was shattered by an early morning auto collision—the image of a superstar in a mortal predicament. Following the exposition of several extra martial affairs was the predictable forgive me for my transgressions speech. And now begins that rehabilitation tour—but for what purpose? To rebuild a brand for the financial gain of one individual at the expense of the public trust?

-- Killswitch Politick