Tuesday, July 27, 2010

“Barefoot Bandit” returns home to face criminal charges
Teen thief and police taunt Harris-Moore begins his ride through the criminal justice system

The barefoot bandit comes home. 19-year-old Colton Harris-Moore steps from a plane in Seattle to face a blizzard of criminal charges. And his defense attorney says the teenager has a message for the 90,000 fans who followed his escapades on his Facebook page.

Attorney John Henry Browne said, "He actually gave us a message to give you and the public and that is for any of the kids out there than think this is fun it is not.  And that he was scared to death most of the time he was on his lark."

But his mother, Pam Kohler was a no-show at his brief arraignment and she has not visited him behind bars.
"She missed her ride this morning, with me actually, and I just couldn't wait for her any longer.  So she wasn't able to make it," said Browne.

We're learning about Colton's difficult childhood.  A social worker's report filed when he was 12 said, "Colton wants mom to stop drinking and smoking, get a job and have food in the house.  Mom refuses."

There is no welcome mat outside his mother's home near Seattle.  The sign says,  "If you go past this sign you will be shot."

And this is what happened when ABC news reporter Neal Karlinksy tried to talk with her.

A man came out of the trailer and said, "The lady tells me you people need to leave. Period. Goodbye."
"Just give us a second," said Karlinksy.

"Goodbye! Going inside, I'm coming back with a gun.  You better be gone!  Period!"

Harris-Moore is being hailed as a cult hero by some.  But in court, his attorney says Harris-Moore doesn't think that's appropriate and is worried others will try to copy him.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lindsey Lohan and Tiger Woods send Mel Gibson flower bouquet
More proof that there is no such thing as good press

BEVERLY  HILLS, CA—Profanity laced, anger-dripping audio bites of Mel Gibson shouting and emotionally abusing his girlfriend, Oksana Griorieva, have been making their way around every conceivable media outlet and blog on the Internet. Not wanting to be left out, KP is taking advantage of the opportunity the latest celebrity schadenfreude.

Aside from the unbelievable theater this gives gossip hungry Americans, Brits, and Aussies, is the sad tragedy we here at KP have long railed about—the sensationalizing of a tragedy such as this. Mr. Gibson needs serious help and owes more than an apology to his fans, his children, and Oksana.  

We all know celebrities live public lives and must trade privacy for fame. But some things are too egregious to keep private and this certainly qualifies. While Gibson is not the poster child of pity, at least two other celebrities are ecstatic that he has taken them off the news cycle.

-- Killswitch Politick

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lohan, environmental disaster, and the news
The news moniker, “If it bleeds, it leads” again rears its ugly head

BEVERLY  HILLS, CA—Last week a California judge handed a 90 days jail sentence down to disaster-in-waiting, sometimes actress, Lindsay Lohan for violation of probation. Another imploding Hollywood star, another side-item in the news media—so one would think—because of her fingernail paint, Ms. Lohan managed to push the Gulf Oil spill, Afghanistan, and Obama’s socialist recess appointee off the lead.

Lohan is the epitome of what has gone awry in American pop culture, celebrities at one time were decent persons and their station was reflective of admiration. Today, Hollywood takes a couple with a precarious marriage and eight children, shoves them in a house, scripts the entire fiasco and then calls it “reality television”.

The sad truth is reality has barreled its way into the life of a boorish attention starved media whore, who does not possess the talent to entertain the public any other way but by schadenfreude.  

-- Killswitch Politick

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Police reopen Gore investigation
While global warming falls in July, the former Veep denies the allegations

PORTLAND, OR—In a shocking turn of events, Portland police have reopened the assault case against former Vice President Al Gore, whom is accused of "unwanted sexual contact" in 2006 by a masseuse. Randall Vogt, the accuser’s attorney originally schedule her for a police interview, but she cancelled it, reportedly because friends had talked her out of pursuing charges.

Rumor has it, the masseuse—a Clinton/Gore and Obama/Biden supporter—was convinced in part by one girlfriend not to go forward because Al Gore was the only hope of stopping global warming.

The former Vice President admits that he was in contact with the masseuse but adamantly denies her account of trying to proposition her for sex. A spokeswoman for the Gores released a statement saying, "The Gores cannot comment on every defamatory, misleading, and inaccurate story generated by tabloids. Mr. Gore unequivocally and emphatically denied this accusation when he first learned of its existence three years ago. He stands by that denial" and went on to say the reopening of the investigation will “only benefit Mr. Gore.”

Al Gore has largely been out of the spotlight since the Climategate scandal first broke. Gore and his wife Tipper separated after 40 years of marriage and an affair was rumored. This investigation is not Gore’s only public dilemma, last week; New Hampshire recorded a July snowfall and Dr. Michael Mann said his hockey stick graph should not have become the icon of global warming.

-- Killswitch Politick