Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Chelsea Clinton’s day
Estimates for her wedding range upward of $2 to $3 million—so what?

RHINEBECK, NY—Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton wed her beau, Marc Mezvinsky on July 31st. The press couldn’t get enough of the event, the Obama and Gore snub, and the cost. Reports estimate the wedding costs anywhere from $2 million to $3 million dollars—we at KP ask, so what?
We get the celebrity factor here; the need to be in the know. But what have we heard about Chelsea up until the wedding was announced…..bupkis, nada. Put numbers to the event and it becomes an event—a media event where speculation reins supreme.

So what if the shindig costs a couple million? The bride and groom are private citizens and can do (within the means of the law) as they please. Compare it to Michelle Obama’s trip to Spain—unemployment near 10 percent, foreclosures at an all time high. Making the tax payer funded Air Force 2 vacation wholly inappropriate and in poor taste—a trip along the shores of the Gulf of Mexico might have been nice but we know the Obama’s affinity for suffering—let them eat cake.

—Killswitch Politick

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